Ancient Faith Radio Conference

Did you ever wonder why some people inspire us to follow them and take action, while others put us to sleep.  As it turns out, there is a formula you can use if you want to become persuasive and help people achieve something worth doing. The journey takes you from being a Teacher, through being a Preacher, to actually becoming Reacher.

Teachers are informational (they provide information), Preachers are inspirational (the inspire us with their information), but it is the Reachers of the world who are truly transformational and cause us to take action and make changes.

The formula to become the most effective communicator and Reacher is simply:  3K+3P+3A = Δ.

Click below to download the PowerPoint that explains this formula and process from my keynote address to the Ancient Faith Radio Writing and Podcasting Conference for podcasters, bloggers, authors, broadcasters, writers, editors and publishers.  You too can become a transformational Reacher and more fully live your stewardship calling.

FINAL WEB VERSION – AFR Human Light Bulb Conference Keynote 2017 – From Teacher to Preacher to Reacher

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