Articles (“Stewardship Sound Bites”)

Here are a few short articles, I call “stewardship sound bites,” that I have written about stewardship, parish operations and development, or living your calling that churches have found useful for their publications, bulletins and other parish communications. They are concise and help expand the message of stewardship in easy to understand human terms.

Click on the blue title to read the article, and let me know what you think, or if there is any particular topic you would like for me to address in future articles.  (And feel free to use and reprint these articles in your church bulletins or communications.) If you have anything you would like to contribute, please email it to me at either or

I-Dont-Believe cropped   Do You Believe?  Do you have faith? Do you have confidence in the story of Christ’s resurrection and life after death?” In this stewardship sound bite, we explore how we can believe in something without seeing it and see how our disbelief is not unique to us.

Kid-in-dryer  “Bless His Heart, He Sometimes Just Don’t Get It”   (An Everyday Christmas Message – Without Mirrors We Get Pronouns Wrong). In this stewardship sound bite, we explore Holy Scripture and learn how without mirrors we often get pronouns all wrong, and we discuss how to make every day Christmas day and better live our stewardship callings.

Christ and the Thief The Thief and St Peter – What a Difference a Few Days Makes (the 3 C’s of True Christian Leadership). By examining the difference between the actions of the Apostles and the thief crucified with Christ, we identify the three elements necessary to be a true steward and Christian leader who lives your stewardship calling: Conviction, Courage and Choices.

Look Up   LOOK UP ! Explore how we are increasingly living our lives looking down at electronic devices instead of looking up at the wonders of God’s creation in order to live our stewardship callings by using our extraordinary talents and becoming true stewards.

Past Due Bill HOW  MUCH  DO  I  OWE – This article responds to the Parishioner who doesn’t understand their financial stewardship calling for Christ’s church and  that everything they have is a gift from God.

Foot prints on th emoon DON’T  TELL  ME  THE  SKY  IS  THE  LIMIT  WHEN  THERE  ARE  FOOT PRINTS  ON  THE MOON This article uses a series of paraprosdokian, which  are phrases where the latter part is surprising or unexpected given the earlier part. It focuses on how we sometimes don’t understand what true stewardship is and how to live it in our lives for God’s greater glory and to assist with our journey toward theosis and salvation.

Three-Buckets YOUR  THREE BUCKET  LIST– No, this isn’t the list of things to do before you die. It’s the three buckets of things we worry about: (1) things we control; (2) things we influence; and (3) things we can’t do anything about. This article explores how our focus on third bucket issues wastes energy and prevents us from focusing on the things we can do to better live our stewardship callings.

 Socrates  YOU  CANNOT  TEACH  ADULTS  NEW THINGS– Greek philosopher Socrates once said: “You cannot teach adults new things. You can merely create the environment where they discover the truth for themself.” This article focuses on John 3:16 and the promise of eternal life if we will only better live our faith and stewardship callings. Our Lord promises we will live forever, the only question is: will we will like where we are?

main_event_logo  LET’S  GET  READY  TO  RUMBLE! –  WELCOME  TO  THE  MAIN  EVENT(S) – Many churches relegate stewardship to only a few days of the year, namely Stewardship Sunday and the day(s) of their church festival. Living your stewardship calling is a 24 hour a day, 7 day as week, 365 days of the year imperative. When we help our faithful understand how critical it is to  live their everyday stewardship callings, we help them live a more fulfilling life both here and now, and in the hereafter, and help them invaluably assist our churches and communities to better serve the faithful and those who seek the kingdom of God.