Effective Church Model – Program 1: Consensus Vision and Strategic Plan

  There are 4 essential dimensions to a truly effective church. They include 1. Engaged Disciples, 2. a Culture of True Stewardship, 3. Consensus Vision and Strategic Plan and 4. an Effective Worship Experience. The Stewardship Calling ministry is devoted to the best practices in all 4 of these dimensions The October 30th Stewardship Calling … [Read more…]

Strategic Plan for National Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA

  The future of Christ’s church in America is in our hands. What are we doing to have “a good account before the awesome judgment seat of Christ?” This week, the national Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA answers that question in a most powerful and decisive manner with the release of their transformational Strategic … [Read more…]

Why Are You Here And What Is Your Calling?

Rescheduled G.P.S. Sunday Part 2 – Using a God Positioning System (G.P.S.) to navigate the 6 steps to discover and live your calling. Sunday May 29th was supposed to air Part 2 of G.P.S. Sunday, a 5th Sunday Stewardship Calling live internet radio call-in program on Ancient Faith Radio.  However, AFR will air a special … [Read more…]

Implementation Leadership Team Announced – UOC of USA

With the enthusiastic blessings of the leaders of the Strategic Planning initiative, Metropolitan Antony and Bishop Daniel, we are honored to announce the amazing leadership team for the implementation of the transformational Strategic Plan of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA.  Nine extremely talented and faithful Task Force Coordinators have been empowered to work … [Read more…]

Stewardship and Parish Strategic Planning FREE WebEx Program

If you want to learn the latest about Church Stewardship and Parish Strategic Planning, on Tuesday April 12th at 7:00 p.m. EDT I will be hosting a FREE live WebEx presentation. Anyone with web access can participate if you send me your name and email address so that I can forward you the access information. … [Read more…]

Religious Liberty and Freedom

If you want to learn about some of the latest Religious Liberty and Freedom legal issues and Supreme Court Challenges, scroll down on the www.stewardshipcalling.com Spiritual – Leadership Retreats page (http://stewardshipcalling.com/spiritual-retreats/) to find the program entitled: Christian Unity on Matters of Religious Liberty and Being a Disciple of Christ in Your Jerusalem I delivered at … [Read more…]