Ukrainian Strategic Planning First Retreat

Check out this great summary of the transformational strategic planning work accomplished by a dedicated group of Orthodox faithful who are committed to making a real difference and improving their church by clicking this link:    First Retreat Summary Press Release Thanks Father Anthony Perkins for your typical erudite and enthusiastic description (and kind words). … [Read more…]

Ukrainian Orthodox Church Strategic Planning Retreat

I am so honored and happy to be in South Bound Brook, New Jersey to lead a 3 day strategic planning retreat to help the National Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA develop a comprehensive strategic plan under the inspired leadership of Metropolitan Antony and Bishop Daniel and over 65 faithful from throughout the United … [Read more…]

New Church Strategic Planning Video

I am pleased to share a 2-part live Parish strategic planning training program delivered in Jacksonville, Florida in September, 2015. Part 1 deals with all of the facts figures and statistics about how our world has changed and the issues facing the Christian church in America and presents the WHY that motivates us and our … [Read more…]

“We’re on a mission from God.”

  In the hysterical musical comedy, “The Blues Brothers,” Jake and Elwood Blues believed they were on a divine mission to save their former Catholic school from closing. On a more serious note (pun intended), we Christians in America today are on a similar critical mission. The Christian church in the USA is under unprecedented … [Read more…]

Chicago Stewardship and Strategic Planning Program

Come learn the latest best practices and techniques for church stewardship and strategic planning. On September 26th, I will  present both the Igniting The Flame of True Christian Stewardship and the Parish Strategic Planning programs at Saints Peter and Paul Ukrainian Orthodox Church at 8410 W.13th Street in Palos Park, IL starting at 9:30 am. You can … [Read more…]

A Millennial Greek American Account Of Greek Spirit on July 5th 2015

We have read official news stories and opinions from the self-appointed pundits. However, I wondered how the Greek people truly felt on the night of their historic EU vote. To be sure, there is suffering by some who have been negatively impacted economically. However, my daughters’ first person on the ground narrative shared a different … [Read more…]

Celebrating the “New Metropolis of Atlanta”

His Eminence Metropolitan Alexios proudly announced that June 25, 2015 will forever be known as the birthday of the “New Metropolis of Atlanta” as we begin a bright and exciting future in the 8 Southeastern States where we “welcome all people seeking salvation, love, truth and fulfillment.”  After almost 1.5 years of hard work by … [Read more…]

Stewardship Calling – 5th Sunday Series Special Pentecost Program

Want to laugh, learn and be inspired? This Sunday night (May 31st), from 8:00 p.m. until 9:30 pm (Eastern), tune into Ancient Faith Radio: for a special live internet radio Stewardship Calling – 5th Sunday series broadcast. Hosted by yours truly, and joined by my priest and dear friend Father Barnabas Powell, we invite … [Read more…]

Do You Believe?

“Do you believe? Do you have faith? Do you have confidence in the story of Christ’s resurrection and life after death?” Check out my latest stewardship calling podcast (click on Episode 12 under the Podcast Tab at (Podcast: Do You Believe? ). We explore how we can believe in something without seeing it. I discuss … [Read more…]