Broomall, PA – St. Luke

The blessed community of St. Luke Greek Orthodox Church in Broomall, PA  hosted the Stewardship Calling Effective Church Model program and the Orthodox Servant Leadership program.

The Stewardship Calling Effective Church Model focuses on the 38 steps to guide Engaged Disciples to live a Culture of True Stewardship in pursuit of a consensus Vision and Strategic Plan unified around an Effective Worship Experience. The Stewardship Calling Orthodox Servant Leadership program focuses on the 5 critical elements of a true servant leader and the latest research and tools for leaders.

Copies of both of those presentations can be downloaded here:

HANDOUT VERSION – St Luke Broomall 2017 – Igniting the Flame of Stewardship, Discipleship and Strategic Planning


Leadership Presentation – St. Luke Broomall – 2017 – Web Version