Clergy Laity Assembly – 2017 Metropolis of Atlanta

There are 20 specific steps (plus one extra item) that a Parish Stewardship Committee can undertake to create a culture of true stewardship within their Parish. The following new and expanded Igniting The Flame of True Stewardship materials, presented at the 2017 Metropolis of Atlanta Clergy Laity Assembly in Raleigh, North Carolina, is still being expanded. It is the work product of Strategic Goal 9.1 of the Metropolis of Atlanta Strategic Plan.

Once it is completed, the entire new Igniting the Flame Stewardship Program for the Metropolis of Atlanta will be added here and also on the Metropolis of Atlanta Strategic Plan portal site as it is rolled out as the official stewardship program for the Metropolis of Atlanta.

In the meantime, below is just a short summary of the Science of Generosity Studies and 2 of the 10 steps in the Culture of True Stewardship that was presented at several open forums at the Metropolis of Atlanta Clergy-Laity Assembly.

Web Version of 2017 Clergy Laity Short Version of 3 Summary Portions of the Metropolis of Atlanta Stewardship Program – Strategic Plan Goal 9.1