Effective Communications – From Teacher to Preacher to Reacher

What if you never existed, how would the world be any different? Or better yet, because you are here, how IS the world different? We sometimes ask ourselves these profound questions, particularly as we focus on 3 very critical personal questions of:

1. “Why am I here?”

2. “What is my purpose/calling?”

3. “What is the meaning of my life?”

 We are all called to be “the light of the world” as our Lord made us in his image and likeness. In so doing, we ALL communicate, ALL the time. But are we communicating most effectively? At the Ancient Faith Radio Podcasters/Writers conference, I was honored to give a keynote address to help us all become better communicators in whatever way we communicate. As it turns out, we all communicate at different times in three different ways: as Teachers, Preachers and Reachers.

 Teachers merely provide information, so they are informational. Preachers inspire us with what the information they teach us, so they are Inspirational. But the highest and most effective form of communication is to cause us to take that inspired information and actually take some action. In other words, Reachers are Transformational. And to move from merely being a Teacher, through being a Preacher to the most important role of a transformational Reacher, the formula is = 3K +3P + 3A = Δ. This keynote address explains each element of that formula and how to better communicate your message.

 Ancient Faith Radio has produced this keynote address and we make it available for anyone who communicates to learn the most effective and persuasive way to share your message.

Here is a link to the video of the presentation:


You can download the PowerPoint from this presentation here:

FINAL WEB VERSION – AFR Human Light Bulb Conference Keynote 2017 – From Teacher to Preacher to Reacher

If you’d like to receive all or a portion of this presentation at your parish or other organization, please contact me at Bill@stewardshipcalling.com. Thanks, and God bless.