“There are ‘leaders’ and there are ‘those who lead.’ ”  While there are many dimensions to being an authentic, Orthodox Christian Servant Leader, developing those leaders is one of the most critical challenges I have heard from the hundreds of churches I have worked with over the last 11 years. So, I have assembled some written materials, podcasts and videos that cover many of the elements of how to develop true servant leaders. While all leaders must be courageous in leading their church or ministry, the Stewardship Calling Orthodox Christian Servant Leadership Model focuses on the 5 critical leadership core values of: Love; Humility; Trust; Vision; and Team.

Below you will find a PowerPoint outline of some of the core servant leadership content I present to Parishes and Churches/Ministries/Dioceses/Parish Councils and Boards, as well as a video of one such program, a link to a podcast that explores these critical issues, and a great, comprehensive church leadership program we created as a part of a Metropolis strategic plan.  The discussion and decisions that follows some of these presentations and retreats I have been blessed to lead is amazing and transformational, and has led to many of the Board leaders and Clergy adopting new approaches to improve their performance and the  delivery of their invaluable services.

Please contact me at Bill@stewardshipcalling.com if you are interested in having an Orthodox Christian Servant Leadership best practices retreat or presentation.

In the meantime, below you can download:

1. a PowerPoint presentation with some of that content here:

Orthodox Christian Servant Leadership Presentation (12-31-17) Stewardship Calling

2. a video where much of this material was presented:


3. The December 31, 2017 Stewardship Calling 5th Sunday Ancient Faith Radio podcast that reviews some of this material which you can download here:

5 Dimensions of Orthodox Christian Leadership


4. A comprehensive Orthodox Leadership Development program we developed for the Metropolis of Atlanta Strategic Plan that has 5 modules and 5 case studies covering: 1. Understanding Christian Leadership;  2. Roles, Rules and the Responsibilities of Leaders; 3. Leading Teams; 4. Engaging Community in the Work of the Leadership and Ensuring Community Ownership; and 5. Dealing with Difficult Situations and Conflict:

Comprehensive Orthodox Leadership Development Program