Church Strategic Planning Video

I am pleased to share a 2-part church strategic planning live training program delivered in Jacksonville, Florida in September, 2015.

Part 1 deals with all of the facts figures and statistics about how our world has changed and the issues facing the Christian church in America and presents the WHY that motivates us and our churches to be “disciples” of Jesus Christ and the need for church strategic planning.

Part 2 presents the WHAT and HOW that provides all of the elements of a church strategic plan (including the Holy Scriptural foundation) and the process to do it effectively in your church.


The PowerPoint handout that supports this program can be downloaded by clicking here:


If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about church strategic planning, please feel free to contact me at and please take a look at the other helpful strategic planning materials on this website at:

Church Strategic Planning Materials and Examples 


I also humbly express my gratitude and thankfulness for the amazing community of St. John the Divine Greek Orthodox Church in Jacksonville, FL., its great spiritual leader Father Nick Louh and its indefatigable strategic planning czar Chris Regas  who graciously arranged and paid for this program to be videotaped and produced by the talented people at Spectrum Films led by my friend Archon Nick Furris.

Check out some of Father Nick’s inspirational sermons and other Greek Orthodox content at the St. John the Divine website below (or download their app):

St. John The Divine Greek Orthodox Church


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