Podcasts / Internet Radio

Sometimes it is easier to hear and understand than it is to read and comprehend. Our words should be helpful and mean something.  

As a result, I have recorded both podcasts and internet radios programs to help support your journey toward understanding what God has called you to do (your personal stewardship calling) and how to improve your Parish and its ministries (your Parish’s stewardship calling) . 

Podcasts-Banner-2014  To hear a series of short (10 -15 minute) Podcasts regarding a variety of informative and helpful personal and Parish stewardship topics, click here:  


PODCASTS on OCN             

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Internet radio 1 And for an informative, challenging and fun internet call-in radio program that explores how to discover and live your stewardship calling, click here:


Internet Radio Call-In Program  on  AFR


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