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  By the grace of God, and under the inspired leadership of Father Nicholas Louh, Chris Regas and Maria Chrissovergis, I was blessed and honored to lead the faithful of the dynamic St. John the Divine Greek Orthodox Church of Jacksonville Florida through a comprehensive strategic planning process for their Parish.

If you want to see an amazing example of a transformational, comprehensive and beautifully prepared Parish Strategic Plan that will lead this exemplary Parish to an even brighter future for God’s greater glory, click here:

Official Strategic Plan of St. John the Divine – Jacksonville, FL


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After an incredible 3-day strategic planning retreat, an amazing Strategic Planning team of over 36 faithful parishioners developed the following Statement of WHY, Mission, Vision, Core Values and Strategic Areas of Focus:

St John The Divine Statement of WHY, Mission, Vision, Core Values  and Strategic Areas of Focus

The extremely talented and dedicated Strategic Planning Team developed the following 13 critical strategic goals to help achieve their Mission and Vision and address critical Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats:

St. John The Divine 13 Strategic Goals (August, 2016)

This is the current draft (work in progress) detailed Action Plans for the 13 Strategic Goals:

St. John The Divine Draft Strategic Goal and Action Plans (August, 2016)

Here is the agenda and handbook and volunteer form for the second 2-day strategic planning retreat August 26-27, 2016:

SJTD Retreat #2 FINAL HANDBOOK-Agenda, Draft Goals, Volunteer Form- August 26-27, 2016

Here is the presentation from the second strategic planning retreat August 26-27, 2016

St. John the Divine Strategic Planning Retreat #2 Presentation

Here is the presentation and agenda for the initial 3 day initial strategic planning retreat April 15-17, 2016: 

St. John the Divine Strategic Planning Retreat #1 Presentation


Check back on this page often to see updates on their transformational strategic plan.