Stewardship Short Videos

Here are a few short videos on stewardship topics from an  interview conducted by Father Chris Metropulos, Executive Director of the Orthodox Christian Network.  They provide just a short introduction to the stated topics.

1. Introduction to the 4-part Igniting The Flame of True Stewardship Program



2. What about Parishes Experiencing Financial Difficulty?


3. The 4th T – Trusting GOD!



4. What Do We Really Own?




5. How To Get The Igniting The Flame Program Started – The 9 Step Process




6. How To Build Ministries And Helping Parishioner’s Discover Their Callings?  





7. What About Festivals As Fundraisers And The Best Reason To Have Festivals



8. What Is The New Parish Operational Paradigm?



9. How To Learn More About The Igniting The Flame of True Stewardship Program




10.Stewardship And Faith – The Big Picture