Igniting The Flame of Stewardship Training

How do we transform our faithful to be more generous stewards and create a culture of true stewardship in our churches? A Parish that practices true Christian stewardship is on fire and can achieve the unimaginable and experience no financial or operational challenges as it strives to emulate the kingdom of God.  After 11 years of research of best practices, and hundreds of presentations and implementations, as it turns out, there are 15 critical steps.

The new Igniting The Flame Of A Culture Of True Stewardship is now available to lead that transformation.  Every Parish leader and Priest must ensure that his or her Parish practices true Christian stewardship and gives every parishioner the opportunity to maximize his or her commitment of time, talent, treasures and tithes for God’s greater glory, and to fulfill their calling as they pursue “a good account before the awesome judgment seat of Christ.”

Download this comprehensive program here:

Igniting The Flame Of A Culture Of True STEWARDSHIP  (11-11-17 Faith Forum version) – Metropolis of Atlanta Strategic Plan Goal 9.1

This stewardship program is the official stewardship program of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Atlanta and the same presentation can be found on the Atlanta Metropolis Strategic Plan Portal here:

9.1 Comprehensive Stewardship Program

You can download a series of seven, 30-minute videos that teach all of the elements of this comprehensive stewardship program based on the above PowerPoint by clicking here:

xStill_Frame CROPPED FOR WEB SITE  If you are interested in bringing the Igniting The Flame Of A Culture Of True Christian Stewardship program to your community or team, contact Bill Marianes at Bill@stewardshipcalling.com.

I have been privileged to dedicate a significant portion of the last 35 years, and much of the last 11 years, traveling over 260,000 miles all over the United States to work with individual church communities, entire Dioceses/Metropolises, and clergy and faithful of most Orthodox jurisdictions to understand and implement true stewardship in their own lives and the lives of their parishes. The Igniting The Flame program is the official stewardship program of the Metropolises of Atlanta and San Francisco and countless other Jurisdictions and Parishes.

 The Igniting The Flame Of A Culture Of True Christian Stewardship  program has received rave reviews and earned a median evaluation score of 10 out of 10 and an average evaluation score of 9.7 out of 10 (where 10 is the highest rating). Please go to the TESTIMONIALS Tab under this website’s Training tab to read some evaluations and comments from clergy and lay leaders who have participated.

The TRAINING VIDEOS tab under contains links to a few videos of previous versions of this program so that you may get an idea of what the presentations are like. This version is designed for Orthodox Christian churches. There are also customized versions for other Christian churches.

Igniting The Flame Of A Culture Of True Christian Stewardship is a unique, inspirational and step-by-step educational and interactive experience that effectively teaches how to implement this highly successful stewardship paradigm.  This 5-hour, high energy presentation and proven program maximizes participant interaction, and is customized to meet the unique needs of any particular denomination or Parish. 

Participants learn:

(1) The real facts of what is happening in Christian churches in America;

(2) What true stewardship is;

(3) How to re-organize your Parish to maximize results; and

(4) What are the 15 critical steps to create a culture of true stewardship, including the most dynamic stewardship tactics, effective communications strategies, optimal Parish operational and organizational paradigms and a comprehensive 9-step process for how to organize the most effective Parish and stewardship ministry.

The experienced facilitator is Bill Marianes (see It’s Not About Me tab) who has traveled over 260,000 miles energizing and inspiring thousands of church leaders and clergy throughout the country to achieve outstanding and significantly improved results in every aspect of their parish life.  The conventional wisdom is that “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”  Many Parishes have practiced a degree of insanity with their unsuccessful or stagnant stewardship programs.  This is the chance to break the chains that bind us to less effective stewardship and Parish practices.

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In addition, I have developed the  Awake, Reset and Make Something Happen spiritual retreat program for clergy, laity, Parishes and faith based organizations to be able to take a hard and realistic look at what is going on in their world and develop a faith-oriented strategic path forward to their stewardship callings and vision.

If you are interested in bringing the Awake, Reset and Make Something Happen program to your community or team, contact Bill Marianes at Bill@stewardshipcalling.com.


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