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A Parish that practices true Christian Stewardship is on fire and can achieve the unimaginable and experience no financial or operational challenges as it strives to emulate the kingdom of God.  Every Parish leader and Priest is called to ensure that his or her Parish practices true stewardship and gives every parishioner the opportunity to maximize his or her commitment of time, talent and treasures for God’s greater glory. 

ignite   The Igniting the Flame of True Christian Stewardship  program has received rave reviews and has earned a median evaluation score of 10 out of 10 and an average evaluation score of 9.6 out of 10. More importantly, Parishes that have implemented all or portions of this comprehensive program have reported amazingly positive results.  Check out the TESTIMONIALS tab on this website for a few actual comments and evaluations from clergy and lay leaders who participated in this dynamic stewardship training program. You can view the entire four parts on this program by clicking on the links below.

Igniting the Flame of True Christian Stewardship is a unique, inspirational and step-by-step educational and interactive experience that effectively teaches how to implement a highly successful stewardship paradigm.  It is the stewardship program that is being systematically implemented throughout the Western and Southern United States in the Greek Orthodox Metropolises of San Francisco and Atlanta. Several hundred Parishes throughout the United States have received this invaluable training, and it is also being rolled out to the Parishes within the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the U.S.A.  This 4-hour high energy and very entertaining program  includes time to answer specific questions tailored to the unique needs of each Parish.  

 9 step process Participants will learn:

(1) The real facts of what is happening in Christian churches in America;

(2) What true stewardship is;

(3) How to re-organize your Parish to maximize results;

(4) What are the 3 critical stewardship principles;

(5) How to implement effectively 2 dynamic stewardship tactics;

(6) The 3 most effective communications strategies;

(7) A highly successful Parish operational and organizational paradigm;

(8) How to use strategic planning to chart a more dynamic vision and direction; and 

(9) A comprehensive 9-step process for how to organize the most effective Parish and stewardship ministry.

US-Map I have been privileged to dedicate a significant portion of the last 35 years, and every available weekend for the last 8+ years, traveling 200,000+ miles all over the United States to work with individual church communities, clergy and faithful to understand and implement true stewardship in their own lives and the lives of their parishes.  Through this program, thousands of church leaders throughout the country have been energized and inspired to achieve outstanding and significantly improved results in every aspect of their Parish life. 

This highly effective, practical and spiritually based Christian stewardship approach can substantially improve a Parish’s ministries, communications with its stewards, and financial stewardship results.  The conventional wisdom is that “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”  Many Parishes have practiced a degree of insanity with their unsuccessful or stagnant stewardship programs.  This is the chance to break the chains that bind us to less effective stewardship and Parish practices.

If you are interested in bringing the live Igniting the Flame of True Christian Stewardship program to your community, contact Bill Marianes at   In the meantime, you can click on the four links below to see this invaluable 4-part program and you can review the PowerPoint that supports the Orthodox version of this program in the STEWARDSHIP TRAINING MATERIALS tab under the Training tab on this website.  

Part1 Part  1:  “We’ve  Gotten  Stewardship  All  Wrong –  The  Real  Facts  And  Figures  Of  What  Is  Actually  Happening  With  Christian  Churches  In  America.”

Part2  Part  2:  “What  Is  True  Christian  Stewardship”

Part3 Part  3:  “How  Do  We  Best  Implement  True  Christian  Stewardship  In  Our  Parishes,  Churches  And  Faith – Based  Communities”

Part4  Part  4:  “A  New  Parish  Operational  Paradigm  And  Strategic  Planning  As  Tools  To  Re-Organize,  Re-Energize  And  Re-Vitalize  Our  Parishes,  Churches  And  Faith-Based  Communities”

If you would prefer to see a previous recording of a live  Igniting the Flame of True Orthodox Christian Stewardship program (broken down into 3 parts), click on the links below. This version was designed for Orthodox Christian churches and can be customized for other denominations:

Part 1 of 3 of Igniting The Flame Of True Orthodox Christian Stewardship

Part 2 of 3 of Igniting The Flame Of True Orthodox Christian Stewardship

Part 3 of 3 of Igniting The Flame Of True Orthodox Christian Stewardship

Please go to the STEWARDSHIP TRAINING tab under the Training tab on this website to see the detailed PowerPoint slides from the Igniting the Flame of True Orthodox Christian Stewardship program.

To learn more about pursuing a stewardship calling and some new and exciting stewardship projects coming up, click on this link for: An Interview of Bill Marianes with Father Chris Metropulos of Orthodox Christian Network – Come Receive The Light.


I gratefully acknowledge the wonderful act of stewardship of:

(1) Orthodox Christian Network (OCN), and its talented  camerman Ron Spiegel and amazing video editor and web professional Ben Cabe, for the above four part professional recording of the Igniting the Flame of True Orthodox Christian Stewardshipprogram; and

(2)  Father John Touloumes, Proistamenos of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Pittsburgh, PA, who was kind enough to record the above live version  Igniting the Flame of True Orthodox Christian Stewardship program when it was delivered to the Parishes in the Pittsburgh area in 2012.

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