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If on the day of your final judgment, when you meet your Creator, you want to know that you have done the most you could have done to protect, preserve and promote Christ’s church and make disciples, do I have the program for you. By the grace of God, I have been blessed to have developed a comprehensive training program to help Christian Parishes learn how to use the established discipline of strategic planning to improve the paradigm of their parish and help it achieve its vision and mission.

Strategic planning is all about figuring out why an organization exists, where it is, where it wants to go and how it will get there. In other words, it is how any organization can better identify and live its stewardship calling.

Here you will find materials and information that can help Parishes, ministries and even Metropolises/Dioceses/Archdioceses use the power of the very effective strategic planning process and discipline to help improve the operations within their organizations. 

I have been blessed to help lead various Christian (and business) organizations and institutions, including the Greek Orthodox Metropolises of San Francisco and Atlanta, Parishes and Christian schools, through strategic planning that will help fulfill Christ’s Great Commission from Matthew 28:19 to truly make disciples of ALL nations.

I have adapted a proven strategic planning process I have used with successful organizations and tailored it for use by churches, Christian organizations and ministries. Here is a summary of that process CHURCH STRATEGIC PLANNING PROCESS SUMMARY.


Parishes can benefit from strategic planning perhaps more than any other organizational level within Christ’s church. This training and process will help a Parish develop a consensus among the faithful with clarity as to Why they exist, what their Mission is, where they are going with their Vision and the clear Core Values by which they will “make disciples.”  A sample of Parish Strategic Planning training materials can be found on the Parish Strategic Planning page:

Parish Strategic Planning


Metropolis -Strategic Plan As an example, for 18+ months I was honored to lead a talented and diverse team of over 50 dedicated clergy and laity from the 7 Western U.S. States throughout the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of San Francisco in the development of their comprehensive strategic plan using this process. You can see this incredible strategic plan by going to the  San Francisco Strategic Plan tab.

This Strategic Plan clarified their Statement of Why, Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats, Mission, Core Values and outlined a new “SWEEPing” Vision with 37 strategic “SMART” Goals that they will implement to help their Parishes emulate the Kingdom of God, a culture overflowing with joy, peace and love. This same model will be used to help the local Parishes develop their own strategic plans.

Pages 1-3 of this Metropolis of San Francisco Strategic Plan will give you a great high level summary, and reading pages 5-21 will describe in slightly more detail the process and methodology we used to create this road-map for a bright future. I am blessed to now use this same proven strategic planning discipline to develop a comprehensive strategic plan for the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Atlanta and all of their Parishes in the 8 Southeastern States.


Atlanta Metropolis logo

Using a similar proven process, I led an equally dedicated. talented and faithful team from the 8 Southeastern states throughout the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Atlanta to develop their strategic plan for a bright new future for Parishes and parishioners. This process officially began in May of 2014 and is schedule to be completed in June of 2015 when the visionary strategic plan is formally approved and initiated.

The final strategic plan can be found by going to the  Atlanta Strategic Plan tab. You can see the consensus-developed the Statement of Why, Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats, Mission, Core Values and Vision with their 37 DRAFT strategic “SMART” Goals. 


Ukrainian orthodox church masthead Currently, I am blessed to be leading another dedicated. talented and faithful nation-wide team from the entire Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA to develop their strategic plan for a bright new future for Parishes and parishioners. This process officially began in November of 2015 and is scheduled to be completed and presented at their Sobor in October of 2016 when the visionary strategic plan will be formally approved and initiated.

To read their SWOT Analysis, Statement of Why, Core Values, Mission, Vision and Strategic Areas of Focus, please check out this tab: Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA Strategic Plan

If you have any question about how to refocus or empower your faith-based organization through strategic planning, please email me at either or or post your question on my STEWARDSHIP CALLING BLOG.  Thanks and God bless.

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