Effective Church Model – The 4 Critical Dimensions


“The Stewardship Calling Effective Church Model”

On these pages we will explore in detail the Stewardship Calling Effective Church Model developed after over a decade of work with churches of all sizes throughout the U.S.  This model is in keeping with the teachings of Jesus Christ and Holy Scripture. It also brings together the best practices in the non-profit and business worlds into specific, actionable steps any church can take to improve its effectiveness.

After decades of research and working with Christian churches all over, it turns out there are 4 dimensions of a truly effective church. Two are individual dimensions and two are institutional. Just as all cylinders in a car must be working together and properly, so too all four dimensions must be calibrated and working optimally in order to ensure the most effective church. The four essential dimensions of an effective church include:

1. Engaged Disciples

2. a Culture of True Stewardship

3. a Consensus Vision and Strategic Plan

4. an Effective Worship Experience

The new “Igniting The Flame and Living in H.D.” stewardship calling program teaches the best practices to maximize the results in these dimensions. The current detailed handout version for this program can be downloaded here (it’s a big file so please be patient):

2016 Effective Church Model  Igniting The Flame Of Stewardship, Discipleship And Strategic Planning (handout version)

If you are interested in learning more, or bringing this inspirational program to your community, please contact Bill@stewardshipcalling.com

In the meantime, you can call in or listen to the Stewardship Calling 5th Sunday podcast on Ancient Faith Radio that airs at 8:00 p.m. Eastern on October 30, 2016. We will explore the Consensus Vision and Strategic Plan dimension in greater detail.  You can tune in by clicking here: http://stewardshipcalling.com/internet-radio/

Internet Radio – 5th Sunday Stewardship Calling