St. Mary Wichita

By the grace of God, and under the inspired leadership of Father Aaron Warwick and Tracy Namee, I am blessed and honored to be leading the faithful of St. Mary Orthodox Church of Wichita, Kansas through a comprehensive strategic planning process for their Parish.

Here is the St. Mary final Strategic Plan: 

St Mary Orthodox Church Strategic Plan 2017

After an incredible 3-day retreat, a cross-section of the wonderful St. Mary community summarized the great input from so many members of the community to build by consensus the following SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities or Threats), Statement of Why, Core Values, Mission and Vision and decided to focus on 5 critical strategic areas of focus.


The 5 Strategic Planning Task Forces worked diligently for several months and reached consensus on 10 Strategic Goals and detailed implementation Action Plans that were presented and refined at a second retreat that took place on January 28, 2017. Here is the presentation from that second retreat:

St. Mary Retreat 2 Final Presentation – Web Version

 Here is the web version of the presentation at the first strategic planning retreat September 23-25, 2016 and the final work product from that retreat:

St Mary Wichita Strategic Planning Retreat 1 web version presentation

Final SWOT – Statement of Why – Core – Values – Mission – Vision – Strategic Areas of  Focus and initial Task Forces

Here is a link to their strategic planning pages on their website:

St. Mary Orthodox Church Strategic Planning Website Information

Stay tuned on this page for the various presentations and work in progress.